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Grilled dried squid is already a popular dish, but it has an irresistible appeal. With fried squid and sweet and sour, the dish is transformed into attractive, strange "luxurious". This is a dish that you can use as a savory dish in a family meal, a snack that is reasonable and is also a great aim at friend meetings.

- Ingredients: Squid 1 big sun whole (1 animal), Fragrant: 1/2 fruit, tomato: 1 fruit, green bell pepper: 1 fruit, yellow bell pepper: 1 fruit. - Spices: onion, garlic, salt, chili, fish sauce, sugar, green onion.

- Processing :

Step 1: Dry squid soak in water for about 2 hours for soft squid or grass to use prepared seafood ink.

Step 2: Then tear off or cross the ink body into small fibers.

Step 3: North pan on the stove to eat oil and then stir in the squid, sometimes add some water to prevent the ink from drying out. You do not need a lot of spice like regular stir-fries because it is salty, this stir-fried squid just needs you to sprinkle a little soup powder or seasoning seeds.

Step 4: When you see the small stretches of ink, which means the ink is ripe, you put the pineapple into pieces.

Step 5: The ripe pineapple gives you the aromatic tomatoes and finally the chopped green onion. See here for detailed picture instructions.